QuickReco Tool is a enterprise software that automates spreadsheet tasks like lookup, calculation, reconciliation, report and dashboard. It has integrated email intimation, approval workflow and data import and export feature in multiple formats.

For example, the Tool can be used for the automation of:
  1. Bank Reconciliation with collection and payments.
  2. Calculation of monthly commission based on parameters.
  3. Matching of raw material with production and stock.
  4. Verification of consignments with actual deliveries.
And many other cases.


QuickReco Tool eliminates manual effort that is heavily required under the following conditions:
  1. The number of records is large.
  2. The activity is frequent and repetitive like hourly, daily, weekly etc.
  3. Data is sourced from multiple sources or files making tracking difficult.
  4. Data source or file formats are diverse and change with time.
  5. Calculation, Reconciliation, Lookup processing conditions are complex.
  6. Reports are required frequently or online, preferably on a dashboard.
  7. Approvals are required for Reports, along with email intimations.


QuickReco Tool performs the following functions:
  1. Tracks source data that is to be processed.
  2. Imports data from source files that become available.
  3. Validates data type of imported records.
  4. Performs calculations based on preconfigured parameters.
  5. Reconciles records among lists based on preconfigured keys.
  6. Exports processed data in configurable Report formats.
  7. Generates scheduled reports (e.g. Daily) from available data.
  8. Reports can undergo an Approval process and can be auto emailed.
  9. A summary Dashboard can be put together from available reports.
  10. Data archival as per configured conditions.


QuickReco Tool is preferred for the following features:
  1. Highly Configurable
  2. Simple User Interface
  3. Imports and Exports files in Excel, CSV and PDF formats
  4. Email Forwarding & Escalation features
  5. Report are configurable with Approval cycle
  6. Daily Reports screen for scheduled reports
  7. Background processing
  8. Data Archival


The QuickReco Tool uses the following technology stack:
  1. Microsoft .NET
  2. Microsoft SQL Server
  3. Microsoft Excel
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer / Google Chrome

Free Trial

The QuickReco Tool is implemented on-premise for free trial as follows:
  1. Technology platform is made available by the client.
  2. Trial installation is done by the QuickReco Team.
  3. Sample configuration is done by the QuickReco Team.
  4. The configured QuickReco Tool can be tried for upto 1 month.


The QuickReco Tool can be implemented on-premise for production as follows:
  1. Technology platform is made available by the client
  2. Installation is done by the QuickReco Team
  3. Configuration is done by the QuickReco Team with inputs from Key Users
  4. User Acceptance by Key Users supported by the QuickReco Team
  5. Go Live
  6. Post Go Live Support by the QuickReco Team
  7. Configuration Support as required


The cost components of the QuickReco Tool are as follows:
  1. One Time Cost: The cost for installation and intial configuration of the Tool.
  2. Annual Subscription Cost: Cost per annum for using the Tool with free upgrades exclusive of configuration changes.
A commercial proposal is submitted on the basis of client requirements.


To get a better idea of how QuickReco Tool can help you, have a look at the YouTube videos in the embedded playlist below. After the Introduction video, there are demo videos of the Tool with the actual screens accompanied by voice over explanation.

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Contact Us

You can contact Rodney Pereira of the QuickReco Team as under:

1. Email:

2. Call:+91-9321124448

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